Mission Statement

Our Goal Is to Become Our Clients' Most Trusted Advisor by:

  • Providing high-quality objective advice and placing our clients interests above all else.
  • Caring for clients personally and demonstrating concern by going the extra mile in each and every client interaction and service opportunity.
  • Creating, communicating, and implementing our financial advice in a fun, unique, and effective way to improve clients' lives.
  • Making sure wealth makes our clients' lives and those they care about better

The Bucholtz Consulting staff members treat their clients and others at all times, unconditionally:

  • We are gracious
  • We demonstrate compassion
  • We understand before wanting to be understood (We listen before we speak.)
  • We keep our word
  • We are honest and truthful
  • We are kind and caring
  • We never make the client feel foolish or stupid. (We are the strange ones because we love this stuff!)
  • We maintain a servant's attitude
  • We make the client feel comfortable
  • We are patient
  • We are enlightening and educational
  • We treat all client concerns (no matter how big or small) with great importance
  • We are strong advocates for our clients
  • It is our responsibility to communicate in a way the client can understand.
    If the client doesn't understand, we need to find another way to explain.


Financial consultant reviews investments with a couple