Social Security Advice

Where are you getting advice about filing for Social Security?

The Social Security Administration? Your friends? The barber? …

The Social Security agency is overwhelmed with baby boomers applying and they don’t have time or provide advice. Your friends’ circumstances are different than yours. And the barber, well…

The fact of the matter is reliable information is hard to come by and the amount of money at stake is too great to risk.

Many people leave money on the table because they didn’t realize they had choices when applying for Social Security benefits.

For some, the difference could be thousands of dollars. Don’t be satisfied that you are getting something from Social Security, get the maximum Social Security dollars!

 Where should you go for Social Security advice?

  • Bucholtz Consulting can help. We provide a customized report called Key to Social Security. This report is complimentary and will provide straightforward options and action steps when applying for your Social Security benefits. The information we provide is  very useful and can help you to make smart (wise) financial retirement decisions.

Did you know . . .

  • Claiming before full retirement age will “lock-in” and reduce your monthly payments for life?

  • Waiting to collect benefits until age 70 can increase benefits by 8% per year and sometimes up to 32%?

  • If you are unmarried, but were previously married 10 years or more, you can claim under your former spouses’ earnings record?

  • If married, you need to consider the benefit of the surviving spouse when deciding the best time to begin benefits?

There are many options and factors to consider; when to begin taking benefits, whether to continue working or working part time, and how to maximize your Social Security benefits. Making the wrong decision can cost you money when you will need it the most. Fortunately, there are planning opportunities available that you may be able to use to boost both your Social Security retirement income and income for the surviving spouse.

You don’t have to become an expert, Bucholtz Consulting can provide you with a helpful personalized FREE report “Key to Social Security”. It is a straight forward list of strategies for you to decide how to put the most money in your pocket during retirement.

Get help to make the best Social Security decision for FREE!

Bucholtz Consulting will help make the decision process easier to understand. Get your own personalized report for FREE! Provide your Social Security Administration statement, marital status and your birthdate. With this information your Key to Social Security will be created, giving you step by step instructions to claim your benefits.

DON’T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE. Optimizing your claiming strategy may provide thousands of dollars more for you to enjoy during your retirement!

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